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Cloud services

Cloud solutions!


Compete and Grow Your Business


Distributing Cloud Solutions

We deliver cloud solutions and services across a wide range of solutions from best of breed cloud vendors. Empowering, inspiring and enabling channel partners to deliver unique digital experiences by transforming IT landscape.

Driving Digital Channels

Aljammaz Cloud empowers partners by connecting them with the world’s largest cloud ecosystem, enabling partners to better manage their cloud services and grow revenue. Learn how our team can inspire and help you with your digital journey.

Infrastructure as a Service

Backup as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Security as a Service

Software as a Service

Technology as a Services

Resell Cloud Solutions 

Explore the right cloud solutions to compete and grow in the digital economy. Aljammaz Cloud offers a full range of SaaS, IaaS, and XaaS solutions. Partners can explore many cloud services within a category list below.

Backup and DR



Business Applications

Cloud Services

Customer Experience


Digital Journey

Machine Learning

Resell Cloud Services

Explore the right cloud services to compete and grow in the digital economy. Aljammaz Cloud provides channel partners with world-class cloud services as an option offering a  wide range of cloud services to cover the entire cloud deployment lifecycle and journey. 

Partners get started

Empower your customers to find the right cloud solutions by connecting them to our broad and growing range of leading cloud applications or deliver your own innovative cloud services within our cloud ecosystem.
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