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Business Data Security with BooleBox

BooleBox is available in Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid versions, BooleBox protects your company data from external attacks and insider theft, by means of guaranteed military-grade encryption, whose access keys are held only by you.BooleBox and integrations are developed by Boole Server: creator and developer of increasingly high-performance and innovative software solutions. Boole Server offers enterprises full protection of corporate data and sensitive, confidential information, guaranteeing easy access and immediate availability of files for authorized users only


BooleBox Introduction

Controlled Data Access
Even the most simple of enterprises requires collaboration between different people.
Data and documents are exposed to risk both externally and within a workgroup. However, with BooleBox, you can have maximum control of data and data access.
A small choice that makes a big difference.

Secure File Sharing
Today, the job market is increasingly delocalized. Accessing information useful to your business, at any time and in any place, has become a necessity. Without having to compromise, BooleBox offers you a corporate file-sharing system that is fully protected against external attacks and internal theft. Accessibility is no longer a threat to your security.

Sensitive Data Protection
Safeguarding your company’s material assets is routine. However, protecting intangible assets is often overlooked. When it comes to security, everything should be archived in a space that can be accessed externally and internally in a controlled manner. With BooleBox, you can. Risk-free.

Sensitive Data Protection

Secure File-Sharing

E-mail and Data Encryption

Controlled Data Access

File Synchronization

GDPR Compliance

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