Distributing Cloud Solutions

Aljammaz Cloud empowers partners by connecting them with the world’s largest cloud ecosystem, enabling partners to better manage their cloud services and grow revenue.

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Awingu Webinar


Learn how to become Awingu Partner and size, configure, quote, and price VDI subscriptions. Participate in our Inspire Webinar Series held by the Aljammaz Cloud team see the registration details below.  

What will you learn?

  • We will teach you how to setup Awingu in your backend

    Install the Awingu virtual appliance in the cloud of your choice (private, public, or hybrid) and plug in your existing infrastructural components such as your AD, application and file servers, etc.

  • Learn to Upload and activate your license keys and Free Trial 

    Once your environment is ready and you want to go live, you can convert your Awingu product keys into the Awingu license via our end-user license activation portal and upload it to the appliance.

  • See the rollout and inform your users about Login 

    Inform your users about the existence of the digital workplace and instruct them on how to set up their multi-factor authentication and how they must use Awingu via the Awingu User Guide.